Two Temples, Two Reasons for Religious Tourism to Grow in Bali

Religious tourism is one of the main reasons why Bali continues to receive an increasing number of international visitors, keeping Bali hotels busy with throngs of backpackers who come to visit the island’s religious attractions. There are several temples in Bali that are celebrated not just for their religious significance, but also for their magnificent architectural designs.

The Mother Temple of Besakih is one of Bali’s most intriguing temples. It is regarded as Indonesia’s most important temple and is located in the town of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung. It is a sacred site for devotees yet a big attraction for visitors.

According to legend, the Mother Temple of Besakih was erected in the 14th century. It is the holiest of the island’s Agama Hindu Dharma temples. It is also regarded as miraculous since, during the Mount Agung eruption in 1963, the temple was mysteriously spared by the rushing lava, keeping it safe and standing.

The Mother Temple of Besakih is a sprawling complex of 22 temples situated on a ridge with a spectacular mountain outlook. It provides a stunning view in the early mornings, when its spires appear to light, reflecting the rising sun’s rays. The temple also contains multiple courtyards and brick entrances that connect to the complex’s main building, the Pura Penataran Agung.

It is a gorgeous temple and an unquestionably intriguing location for both religious tourists and casual visitors. But if there is any temple in Bali that can rival with the magnificence of the Mother Temple of Besakih and entice tourists away from the comfort of their Bali luxury hotels, it is Tanah Lot.

The Purah Tanah Lot is a sea temple and one of Indonesia’s most important religious buildings. It is also known as the ‘Temple of Land in the Middle of the Sea,’ since it sits beautifully on a vast rocky island formed by the waves and winds off the beaches of the lovely Denpasar Beach.

Bali temple

According to legend, the Purah Tanah Lot was founded by Nirartha, a 16th century monk who was one of the last to arrive in Bali from Java. It is now thought that it is guarded by deadly sea snakes that live in caverns beneath the entire construction.

Only the temple’s terraces are accessible, and from them, a beautiful view of the sunset may be gained. It soothes the spirits and relaxes the minds. The vista of the huge ocean more than makes up for the fact that tourists are not permitted to enter the main shrine.

And, despite the fact that certain portions of the rock on which the Purah Tanah Lot rests are now man-made, this lovely site has the same allure that it had years ago.

The Mother Temple of Besakih and the Purah Tanah Lot are just two of Bali’s many stunning sights. As a result, foreigners should not hesitate.