Creating a Travel & Tourism Social Media Strategy

However, as the hype around social media optimization increases, I find that many digital marketers in the travel and tourism industry (as well as the general public) are still unsure how to apply the latest and greatest methods to get genuine value from social media.

Many of the marketing professionals I interact with who work for various hotel chains claim to be running a social media strategy. However, I’ve only met a few people who are doing this as part of a larger integrated effort, and it’s usually just a fan page on Kaixin, Renren, or Facebook at best. This is a fairly one-dimensional view of the usage of social media marketing, and it loses out on a great chance to build a dialogue with travel communities (and potentially reach new clients).

In addition, many hotels and other travel providers are unaware of their online reputation on review and social media platforms. They don’t use review sites to measure the competition or gain a deeper knowledge of the emotions surrounding their brand. You should be aware that these review sites will appear in the search results when someone uses a search engine. As a result, it’s vital to provide the fundamental listing information required to entice people to learn more about your business. Exposure to your brand throughout the trip planning and research cycle supports the impression that you could just have something to fit a specific sort of traveller.

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Make sure all of your information, including pricing, URLs, phone numbers, and office hours, is up to date, and wherever feasible, offer an accurate and unique description of your firm to each site. You’d be surprised at how much material is obsolete or repeated across several websites based on old data. If you haven’t already, type your brand name into Baidu or Google and see what comes up. Don’t stop at page three. I prefer to check at the 4th and 5th pages of search results since here is usually where I discover the most good or negative comments.

So here are a few pointers for individuals in the tourism industry who want to get more out of social media marketing (smm). Understand the goals of a social media campaign, the timeframe, and the metrics you’ll use to assess success. Take use of review sites, utilise tools to gauge your brand’s sentiment, and be aware of where people are talking about you online.

A SMM campaign is as unique as an internet branding effort. The recommendations above, on the other hand, are universal and may assist you in achieving better results for your campaign and, eventually, your brand. If you have any further takeaways or recommendations for other important aspects, please post them below.