Best mental health exercises

Every action we take is related to the work of the brain, which needs maintenance just like any other organ in the body. You may already be aware that you should exercise your body, but did you realize that it may also be beneficial to exercise your mind? Use it or lose it is an old saying that you’ve probably heard. This proverb is said to apply to the health of your brain, according to many researchers.

These days, brain training is very popular and is frequently promoted as a means to improve intellect and mental acuity. Although a lot of cognitive scientists think that the promises made about brain training are overstated and false, there is a number of evidence that suggests that some activities Good for brain health.

Brain Exercises and their Importance

Specific actions that enhance memory, focus, and daily functionality are referred to as brain exercises. This procedure is essential, especially for elderly persons. The brain is the body’s most complicated organ, controlling bodily functions and processing emotions as well as interpreting and analyzing sensory data. It serves as the brain’s main centre for intelligence, memory, and creativity, all of which are constantly active, even while we are sleeping. However, some exercises and activities can improve mental capacity and health, support brain health, and shield it against aging-related brain deterioration.

Some exercises are:

  • Sudoku

Choose a quiet place each day, close your eyes and meditate for 5 minutes.. Sudoku puzzles require you to think ahead and follow a logical chain. For example, if you put a 6 in one box, the next one must be an 8 and the next one a 4, and so forth. Thus, planning improves attention and short-term memory. Sudoku can be played via website, app or paper. Find regular sudoku puzzles in the newspaper, buy a book with some puzzles, or get a free sudoku app for your smartphone or tablet.


One of the most well-known programes for brain exercise and mental health is Lumosity. To access more games, you can sign up for our membership service or create a free account to play 3 games every day. In any case, you can track your progress and results.

The science behind Lumosity’s fun games, quizzes and activities to train your brain and mental health.You can play online or download our free app for iOS and Android. The Lumosity Mind app is a tool for meditation and mindfulness.

  • Crosswords

Crosswords are a traditional brain exercise that access memories from a variety of knowledge dimensions in addition to verbal language. Crossword puzzles can be completed in a variety of methods, both offline and online. Almost every daily newspaper has a crossword puzzle. Or, buy a crossword puzzle book that suits your interest and ability level.


To play 35 different brain training games on Elevate (the number is still growing), you need to download the app.The iOS and Android versions both have tens of thousands of five-star reviews, and it is free. Elevate offers classes focused on reading, writing, speaking and math, and you can tailor your study to focus on the topics that interest you most. In most other brain games you can track how your abilities are developing by tracking your progress.

  • Peak

Another app-only option, Peak offers brain games that help improve attention, memory, problem solving, quick wits and other cognitive skills. Available on iOS and Android. If you’re a competitive person, knowing how you compare to other users can inspire you. The app is free to use, but additional features can be unlocked for a small monthly fee

  • .Increase your vocabulary.

A lot of vocabulary can make you smart. But did you know that short vocabulary lessons can also be turned into mind games? Research shows that when performing vocabulary activities, the brain makes greater use of areas specifically related to visual and auditory information processing. Try the following cognitive exercise to test this theory.

  • Meditation

Regular meditation can help you relax your mind, slow your breathing, and manage stress and anxiety. But did you know that it could also improve your memory and improve the way your brain processes data? Choose a quiet place each day, close your eyes and meditate for 5 minutes.

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