Recreational Sports Leagues

A Great Home School Alternative

My children were homeschooled and they played sports; soccer, swimming, baseball. They loved the physical activity! Although we are proud of their achievements in sports, I cannot say that either of my boys will be the next Tiger Woods. (That’s a good thing.) They enjoy, even love sports! Although they have wonderful skills for recreational league soccer, for example, we did not aspire for greatness in that arena.Recreational Sports Leagues

Recreational Sports Leagues are so fun! They require minimal commitment, and they are less competitive than other teams. There is another way to go: competitive sports teams. Competitive teams (Baseball Little League, high school varsity teams, Select Soccer teams, etc.) are a completely different ball game, so to speak. They require many more hours of practice, games are much farther away, and it has a greater financial commitment as well.

When you look at sports teams, weigh your options carefully. If your child is there to have fun, then pursue a recreational league. If your child is passionate and gifted in a sport, then consider a more competitive league. It is not necessary to aspire for greatness when your child merely has potential. Remember, they can always enjoy a sport and excel within their peers on the recreational league. The costs of a competitive sports league can be great, financially and in terms of time. You may want to reserve those experiences only if your child is both gifted AND passionate about the sport.

Look at it this way; my husband loves to play softball. He enjoys playing on our church softball team, where he can have a good day or a bad day, but always have fun. If he were put on a semi-pro adult softball league (yes, that is a real situation – we have had friends on those teams!) then he would be frustrated and feel like a failure. You want your kids to have fun, so make sure they enjoy the situation.

And remember, whether recreational league or competitive league, it can all go on your high school homeschool transcript!

Boosting employee morale is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve business productivity. When employees are satisfied, they take pride in their jobs and naturally work harder. While employees do respond to monetary rewards, like raises and bonuses, implementing morale-boosting activities on a regular basis can keep company spirits high without breaking the bank.

The truth is that employees may turn up their noses at a number of cliché “team-building exercises” that are meant to improve attitudes in the workplace. But what many employees can agree upon across-the-board is their love for sports and physical activity.

Providing employees with the option to enroll in a company sports team will give them something to believe in and root for, outside of working hours. Giving employees this type of outlet away from the office can do a world of good by encouraging camaraderie and offering a much-needed mental break.

If your company works hard, then you need to play hard to create balance. Encouraging employees to have fun in a sports league will show them that their employer cares about their greater good, beyond meeting project deadlines and showing up to work on time.

Even though many workers in your company may be avid sports fans, quite a few may be reluctant to step up to the plate, so to speak. In order to create a company sports team that everyone will get involved in, make it an easy, user-friendly activity that will promote teamwork instead of breeding competition.

A company sports team can function around a simple yet beloved childhood activity like soccer. Most employees know how to play soccer and will enjoy playing as part of a team; if not, employees can choose to sit on the sidelines and root for their favorite team at each game.

Enlisting employees in a soccer team will encourage individuals in different departments to work together and can create long-lasting friendships. Although the atmosphere of team sports may seem rudimentary, it will provide employees with the opportunity to take a break, expend energy through physical exercise, and interact with coworkers outside of the workplace.

Recreational Sports Leagues

Fight Stress and Cut Down on Sick Days

Implementing a company sports team is one way to promote overall employee health and reduce sick leave. Playing a sport like soccer regularly will help employees to stay active and burn calories. Improving physical health can also help to cut down on run-of-the-mill illness, like the flu and common cold.

Last but not least, providing employees with a physical outlet is one effective way to relieve stress on the job. This is especially critical in a high-stress industry where employees may work long hours and have stringent expectations placed on them.

Depending upon your business industry, you may be able to join an existing sports league to play with competing businesses in your area. Otherwise, you can contact city and regional recreational sports leagues to find out more about the guidelines for participating in team sports as a company.

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